Thursday, November 4, 2010

You walk where!?

I live a hop, skip, and a jump (okay, maybe a little more than that) away from a cemetery. It's a rather large cemetery with "roads" or paths that turn it into a bit of a grid. Well, when I decided to start walking in the mornings, the cemetery sounded like the perfect spot to me. No busy streets with crazy people driving to worry about, there are others who walk/jog there but it's not ever busy with swarms of people. No stop lights to worry about or streets to have to cross. Call me crazy but it sounds quite nice. So this morning, I grabbed the stroller, my phone, a couple of blankets for my son and his bottle. I loaded him up and off we went. Such a beautiful morning. The sun was shinning, the autumn air was cool and crisp with crunchy leaves that have fallen on the ground. It was peaceful. I of course needed a little something to keep me going so being that it's after Halloween and I am completely in love with Christmas time, there was really only one thing for me to do. Use the music player on my cell phone and play some Christmas music. It was the fantastic start to my day that I needed.