Saturday, December 19, 2009

The final weekend

This is the last weekend it will be just Alex and I. I can't wait to bring this little one home and we both wish he would have come already. It seems everday there is someone else that I know who is due in December that has had their baby. Congrats to Kristen and Chad's wife. Oh and Sophia and then the celebrities who have now had their babies.

Alex and I have quite a bit to do today and Monday. We got most of our grocery shopping done last night, there are just a few things that we need to get today and Monday or I'll have Alex run out and get after the baby and before Christmas. There is still bread that needs to be made, a closet that needs to be cleaned out and organized, bathrooms cleaned, a meal to make and freeze, the list goes on. I started feeling a cold coming on lastnight so I hope that doesn't put a damper on my list of things to do.

To me, it's crazy to think that in just a few days there will be a baby here that isn't going somewhere else. He will be here always. That's really exciting and ner racking all at the same time. There are a few moments where it doesn't even feel real yet and I'm sure it won't feel real until he's in the car and we're driving home. Just a few more days to go!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Tomorrow I'll be 40 weeks pregnant. I'm so thankful for this pregnancy and I try really hard not to complain out loud because I know so many amazing women who are unable to get or stay pregnant. With that being said, I AM DONE!!! Last week at my appointment I was expecting to have had some progress in dilating but when the dr told me there had been no change, it was all I could do to not cry in the office. I waited until I hit the car and then broke down. That little bit of information kind of threw me into a funk last week that I struggled to get out of. I was bound and determined today at my appointment to try to convince my dr there was no need to wait to induce me at 41 weeks. This week there was actually a tiny bit of progress made but not enough to sway the lovely dr into inducing me. I'm tired, sore and frustrated. A week from tomorrow I will be induced and it still seems a bit unreal that this time I'm bringing a baby home but I want to be done now. If I'm up at night, I want it to be because I'm feeding a hungry baby not because I can't get comfortable. Now that I've got that off my chest I won't complain anymore. As I said earlier, I am very thankful for this pregnancy.