Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Weeks!

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks into my pregnancy. Only 10 more to go! (Theoretically) At times, I can't believe how time has flown by. At others, it seems as though it is dragging on. When I sit to think of the time left in terms of doctor appointment, I can see it going quickly. When I think of how hot it is getting so quickly (today it is supposed to be 90 degrees!) the time can't seem to pass quickly enough.

Thus far, I would have to say this pregnancy has been the best pregnancy yet. It's only been harder in the respect that I am a mom already and chasing around an active 2 year old, like I have said before. I'm starting to get uncomfotable but that is to be expected. If I can survive the heat, I think I will be ok. My next ultra sound is on Wednesday and I can't wait. I'm excited to see Raegan again but more anxious to see how she is growing and how her kidney is doing. Erick's pediatrician has said that he has seen cases before when the kidney is enlarged the whole pregnancy then once the baby is born, it releases all the fluid and is fine. If that doesn't happen to be the case this time, I'm curious what action will be taken. I've heard if it just doesn't work and they can't make it work then they remove it and I've also heard if it's just blocked they can go in and put a stint in.

I think it just hit me writing this that her birth could potentially be a lot different from the last one. Maybe I won't get to hold her as long right after or maybe she will have to stay in the hospital longer or, who knows what else. The thought makes me a little sad. I'm anxious to have my baby girl. To hold her, love on her and introduce her to her big brother. It will have been almost exactly 7 years since I had my first baby girl. I feel so blessed to get to have another one. One to bring home, to love and to hold everyday. I feel blessed to be able to see my little girl with the big girl that I placed for adoption those 7 years ago and see what kind of relationship they forge.

Life is good. It's full of ups and downs but that's what makes it good. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family.