Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just for the record I HATE capital one. Seriously!? They wonder why I closed my account, their customer service sucks, it is the worst I've ever dealt with before. So the c.s. guy asks me for my name and I tell him Amy Loa, forgetting that it's still Burns with cap 1. He doesn't question me but then asks me for my birthdate, not my social. Last time I checked they were supposed to ask for the last 4 of your social. I let it be and continue on with why I'm calling. I'm pissed off they're charging me a late fee. If I authorize a dang payment to be made on the 14th, which is my due date, then don't charge me a late fee. Who can always make it to their computer by their stupid eastern standard times that are ridiculous!? So the dumb idiot tries to say that my account has been suspended. UMMM....wake up and pull your head out of your butt, it's CLOSED! I CLOSED it because you guys SUCK!! I would never in a million years do business with capital one ever again. Sorry, I'll stop ranting now.

Monday, September 7, 2009

It was a good day

Last night Alex and I read an article from last months Ensign about food storage for new couples. It basically suggested that you start of buying 2 extra cans of whatever it is you're purchasing and add that to your storage. I thought, we could definitely do that. We didn't have a single thing in our food storage and we both have felt like we need to be prepared. So, I sat down and made my grocery list since we needed to go grocery shopping to make our meals for the week. I hadn't put anything on my list for our food storage but simply the items we needed for dinners. When Alex and I got to the store, we grabbed our basket and headed on our way. We came upon some pretty decent sales for creamed soups, corn and green beans. The original plan was to pick up just 2 cans of something but we eneded up picking up 2 cans of each vegetable and some spaghetti sauce. We purchased quite a few things not on our list as well as what was on our list. I am proud to say that we walked out of the grocery store with enough groceries to last us the month spending under $90. I couldn't believe it! We started our little food storage and picked up everything we needed and more well under our budget. That in and of itself made my day but I had told Alex we would go fishing. Well, he would go fishing and I would watch.

There's a little pond in Riverton that Alex had read about and decided he wanted to try. So after we finished our shopping and and put all of the groceries away, we loaded the car up with his fishing gear. When we got to the pond, there were several little groups of people there but no one had caught anything. Alex got everything set up and cast his pole into the pond. Literally 3 minutes later he was hurrying to grab his pole. A decent size cat fish decided to bite and Alex was pretty excited. The park we were at had a 4 fish limit and needless to say Alex walked away with 4 fish in 45 minutes. He was happy and sad all at the same time. He was looking forward to spending a little more time outside but it was a good day.