Monday, July 19, 2010

BBQ Grill and Baking

I love to bake. I moved in with grandparents the end of May and my grandmother, come hell or high water, will not turn on the oven during the summer time. I get it. Her kitchen without the oven on is probably the hottest room in the house because of where it sits. She found a recipe for red velvet cupcakes that she wanted to try the other day and she was going to bake them in her little toaster oven that can hold a pan of 6 cupcakes at a time. Yesterday she mixed up the batter and got through only 2 pans (1 dozen) cupcakes before she decided to stop. She had all of this extra batter left over and was going to make the rest today. I suggested doing them in the BBQ grill.

Growing up in my early to late teen years, my mother became familiar with baking on a BBQ grill. She would always say whatever you can cook in an oven you can cook on the grill. I remembered this and when I wanted pizza last night I was quick to tell my grandma I would do it on the grill so the house wouldn't be heated up. My mom taught me that when you're going to cook on grill, turn all of the burners on the grill on and close the lid to let it heat up. When you've reached your desired temperature, turn off one side and that is the side you put your pan on. For me I don't have a thermometer so I just leave the one side on low to med low and I watch it. With my grandmothers grill, I would say it keeps it at close to 350 degrees. I was successful in cooking 2 pizzas on the grill last night and then I finished baking my grandmothers cupcakes this morning. Thanks Mom!!!

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James and Cindy said...

LOL. You are funny. I'm glad mom isn't as bad as grandma. We still get to cook in the oven every once in awhile, but we too have cooked on the grill.