Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who do you look up to....Part 2

Okay, so I did a post a little while back titled "Who do you look up to?" My post was about an amazing woman named Kassie. I wish she didn't live in Miami so I could live closer to her. Anyway, as if she wasn't already kind and generous, caring and supportive, as well as a whole host of other qualities, she has started her own photography business. Oh My Goodness!!! Add another tally to her long list of amazing abilities. Her new business is called Soda Pop Photography. It's a cute little story behind the name and I think it suits her personality perfectly! She's always paying it forward and today is no exception. She's doing a little giveaway for one lucky person. So, visit her on facebook, check out her blog, drop her a little note. There are so many photographers out there, I know several amazing photographers and I'm so elated to add another one to my list. Love ya Kassie!

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