Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the future in-laws

Okay. The future in laws to be were in town this weekend. Mom and Dad hadn't met Alex's dad and step mom so we invited them over for dinner. We had a FULL HOUSE! Not only did his dad and step mom come, his brother, his brother's girlfriend, grandma, great grandma and Alex's mom. People were polite and things went well.

Saturday all of the women went shopping for mother of the bride/groom dresses. We met them after 5 and I wanted to go to the mall off of Sunset and the 95 but since we had already gone over there once earlier that day Mom didn't want to go all the way back over there. It was on the opposite side of town. I gave in and said we could go to the Fashion Show mall....BIG MISTAKE!!! I should have stuck with my gut.

We get on the freeway and go up one exit to get to the mall and hit a ton of traffic when we get off. Obviously, it's saturday night on the strip, what else would you expect? The normal back road that we take to get to the mall was closed and I didn't know it until I went to try and use it so I started getting frustrated. I had to fight with traffic all the way down Las Vegas Blvd to get to the mall. By the time we get down there I don't want to try and find a parking spot. It's already taken us nearly an hour just to get there. So we valet. We go inside Macys, look around and don't really see anything we like so we walk out into the mall. I'm not familiar with this mall at all but I know it's HUGE. I'm not sure where to go so were just start walking straight. We hit a few stores and no one is really finding anything, I felt like Alex's step mom didn't want to be there and it just seemed like waste of time. I was also starting to feel bad for making the grandma's walk all over this huge mall. They were troopers though. As we were finishing up in the last store the announcement that the mall was closed came over so we hurried back toward Macys.

The lady at Macys was just about to close the gate and I asked her if we could go through to get outside where we valeted our car. She looked at me and said, the valet is already gone. I just look at her in awe. Sheer amazement. I was shocked and getting a more pissed off. She said that they valet PROBABLY gave our keys to one of the major restaurants and we MIGHT want to check Maggianos. I have no clue where this place is at so I ask her for directions and it's a good little walk. So we get to the stupid place and I find someone at their front desk. I told him the situation and he said to go to the elevators and go down to the 1st level the valet out there could probably help us. So, I go down to the valet hold out my ticket and ask the guy if he has my keys. He could see the look on my face was not a pleasant one and said, we'll find it.

They brought the 2 cars out that we took and we get in and head back to the hotel where the guys were at. On the way back one of the stupid double decker buses almost side swiped me and I lost it. I broke down in tears and had had enough. I was ready to go home and be done with wedding stuff for the day. We finally got back to the hotel, said our goodbye's and headed home. I slept so well that night.

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James and Cindy said...

Oh!! I am so sorry!! That must have been so horrible. I can't even imagine it. Just know that 1 out of the 2 most important dresses are already gotten. All you need is your temple dress. I love you sis!!!!