Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 months and 2 days

Yes, I am counting. I can't wait to marry Alex but I also can't wait to be done with planning. Somedays it feels like we'll never get to November and others it seems like it's coming way too fast. Last weekend we spent our saturday registering at a couple of stores and stuffing invitations. Today, we ended up doing more wedding stuff. I'm sure the next several of weekends in the coming couple of months will be filled with wedding stuff.

I keep crossing my fingers we'll be able to move to North Carolina. I really feel drawn to Charleston but not sure if that's just me or a prompting from the Spirit. Alex was in Dallas for training and the DFO (one of the financial guys at headquarters) was there and has heard we're looking to move. Alex is supposed to give him a call this next week. I hope he has some good news for us. I was looking at the price of homes out there and I'm shocked at how low they are. They're cute little homes and I would love to be able to move into a home instead of an apartment. I've done the apartment thing and really would love to have a space of our own. We'll see what Heavenly Father has in store for us.


Jenifer Kuhn said...

You would love the south!! People out here are some type of amazing! :)

I cant believe your wedding is almost here! That is so exciting!!
My address is:

7104 W Friendly Ave #205
Greensboro NC 27410

James and Cindy said...

I don't want you to move!!!! This is the farthest we have been apart, except for the time you were out in flordia doing training. I love you no matter what though!!!