Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saying No

I kind of suck at saying no. Last Sunday one of the sisters in the ward who was supposed to teach today asked me to teach for her since she wouldn't be here. It was my week to teach in sunday school and I think there must be some sort of malfunction in me that makes it hard to say no so I told her I would teach in relief society as well. In all fairness, I didn't tell her that I was teaching in sunday school. I've become rather fond of teaching Gospel Essentials but Relief Society is still a bit overwhelming. Today marks the whole second time I've taught in Relief Society. People said that I did a good job and I feel that over all I did pretty well.

I was supposed to start the rehab on my back tomorrow but I changed the appointment to tuesday so that it only affects 2 of my work days. I am really excited about starting. I did the dishes this evening and I would like to note that it was the first time in a long time in which my back didn't hurt standing there. That is freaking AWESOME! Hopefully once I start, I'll be able to be done with the majority of the rehab by the end of the year, first part of next year. Just in time to move....hopefully.

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James and Cindy said...

You do a good job teaching! And don't worry as soon as you move you are going to be called to be a teacher in relief society. I can see it happening! love ya sis