Monday, March 8, 2010

So Lucky. Actually, Blessed.

So I've seen commercials for the show "The Locator" and I've always thought it would be a cool show to see. This morning I actually got to see it. (It's actually still on) Here I am sitting on the couch crying.  The past few episodes have been about adoptions. One was a birthmom searching for her son and the other story was a girl searching for her birthmom. It brought back a lot of emotions for me. It made me think back about my first pregnancy, how alone I felt through all of it, how it broke my heart that the baby growing inside of me was one I knew was not meant for me. The happy part, how lucky am I that I got to find an amazing family to place my precious baby girl with. They are an amazing family and I am so incredibly blessed to have them be a part of my life. To this day I have a wonderful relationship with her and the family I placed her with. 

She'll be 5 this year. I can't believe how much time has passed since the day she came into the world and how much she has grown. My love for her has not changed if anything it grows more and more each day. I feel so blessed to be able to see her hold my little boy now and to know that right now the hope for the future is that I will get to continue to be there in her life and one day hold her babies as she holds mine. 


Shaun said...

Love you Amy! Gina

James and Cindy said...

Sorry I wasn't more of a support in those days. I love you and am so glad you made the choice you did.