Saturday, August 7, 2010

Learning and Experimenting

I never grew up with organic anything. I had never really been to a farmers market. It just wasn't how I was raised. My mom did cook all of our meals though. She made breakfast every morning for us, even if it was just a bowl of oatmeal, she would pack lunches (when we were wee little babes going to elementary) and she would make wonderful dinners. The older I have gotten (and since I've become a mom) I have become quite fond of farmers markets and learning about organic food. While I don't know that I am completely sold on organic fruits and veggies I do prefer them to be fresh, not frozen and I LOVE being able to support my local farmers. I do however want to make the switch to organic meats. I do believe the hormones they inject in the animals is a big factor in why kids are developing at a much younger age and I just think that there are better, healthier ways to do things. While I'm not the one who currently does the shopping for food, I hope that when I do become that person again, I will be able to buy organic meat. I know it will be a sacrifice but it's one that I am willing to make. I just need to get my husband on board. Sorry for that little tangent. Onto what I learned.

I found a website that I love! They have a lot of good information and suggestions on making your own baby food. A friend of mine has a little girl who is a couple months older than my son and we decided that we wanted to try and make our own baby food. It couldn't be that hard. Right? It wasn't. Buy veggies/fruits, steam if needed, puree and voila! Homemade baby food. She lives an hour north of me and came down so we could go to the farmers market to buy some veggies. We purchased summer squash, zucchini, green beans and blueberries. We decided to just go with veggies this time and a little later we will do peaches, apples and apricots, all of which we can get for free! You can't beat free baby food! When we got home from the market, we washed everything, chopped up the squash and zucchini, steamed them, boiled the green beans and the blueberries really didn't have any prep work involved. Once they were all done, we put some in the food processor and some in my Bullet (you know the infomercial" And in 1,2, 3...." okay maybe a little more than 3 seconds, we had delicious, fresh, non processed, no salt or sugar added, good for you baby food. Literally, that easy. I felt so accomplished.

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Jenifer Howard said...

When I have babies I want to make their baby food for them too! I'm glad to see that it isnt very hard and probably ends up being cheaper than buying regular baby food. It seems like all of the baby food is over processed. and there are some Weird combinations. Chicken and apples? Pureed? No THank You...