Friday, August 6, 2010

Long over due

Tonight was the first night that Alex and I went out on a real date without the baby. I'd say it was about time, he is 7 months old now. I'm just kind of protective and don't really trust too many people to watch him. Since we live with my grandma now, it was high time that we take advantage of her willingness to watch him. Our original plan was to go out to dinner, a sit down restaurant, then head to the temple to do a session. Well, Alex got home late, his cold was annoying him so we decided to cut our temple trip short and then we went to Goodwood for some BBQ. It was tasty! On the way home from dinner I said, "Do you realize we just spend an entire evening without Bubbs and we didn't even talk about him!?". Alex's response was, "Ya. That's so sad" Me, "That's not sad. It's Healthy." Which I totally believe. I would hate to become one of those couples when they spend time away from their children all they talk about is their children.

Now my son is pretty good about going to sleep between 8 and 8:30, usually. When we got home, just after 10:00, my grandmother informed me that he didn't fall asleep until about 9 and he had just woken up right before we came home. I'd like to think it was because he was waiting for us to get home. No one else has ever put him to sleep. Alex picked him up off the couch and took him down to the room. I walked in to find our little bubbs laying in Alex's arms falling asleep. It was so cute! I wish I had a camera. It's evenings like this that I am reminded all over again why I love my husband.

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