Thursday, May 3, 2012


What is 3TS you ask? Third Trimester Sickness. This is my third pregnancy and with the previous two I was uncomfortable in the third trimester, had a hard time sleeping and so forth but never sick. This pregnancy, whole different story. I throw up (which I didn't even do in the first trimester) I feel nauseous quite often and I am back to having to eat something every couple of hours. Last night was the second awful experience with food coming back up. The first time it happened, it was my favorite little hole in the wall, New York Pizza and Pasta. Last night, it was Panda Express. Food coming up is no bueno. The feeling of being sick washes over me so quickly I never know what hit me. Now this morning, I'm still feel the effects of last night's adventure with the toilet. I sure hope the next several of weeks pass quickly. This sucks!

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