Thursday, June 12, 2008

Slacking off today

I took the day off today because I just didn't want to go to work and Cindy, James and Emjae are here! They came up for Paul's high school graduation last night. I feel kinda old. Sitting there last night I was actually a little more entertained than at my own graduation but it was still too long. Personally I think they have far too many people speaking at graduations these days. Why can't you just have a couple of speakers then get your diploma, the end!? That makes so much more sense to me. Cindy, James and Emjae were able to make it from California to attend the graduation. I really do miss being closer to my sister, especially now that Emjae is here. That little girl is super baby and growing up so fast. I'm glad that they could make it.

Alex and I are starting temple prep tonight. They're holding it at one of Dad's counselors house. I'm hoping that I learn something new through out this course. I believe it's 3 weeks, one lesson each week. We're finally under our 6 month mark until our wedding. I know that we'll be blessed for waiting and being in sealed in the temple the 1st time instead of getting married and then sealed a year later, but this year long engagement thing kinda sucks.

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