Friday, June 20, 2008

Just chillin

Well, it's Friday night and I'm sitting at home doing nothing. Alex decided to go fishing and I told him I was going to start planning my lesson for Sunday so that's why I didn't go. Well, that and I'm not a fan of fishing. I did have every intention of starting to plan my lesson however, I haven't even opened the book. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.

I'm so excited for the coming week. Cindy, Emjae and I are going up to Utah and I can't wait. Well, I'm not so much looking forward to the drive, I always hate the drive but I'm excited to see people. Erik will get to see Emjae for the first time. Speaking of Emjae, I'm curious to see how she'll do in the car for that long. I'm sure she'll sleep for most of it and I'm sure we'll have to stop at least once for her to eat. No biggie.

I have some wedding things to take care of and hope that my mind will be put at ease. I need to meet with Mike Montgomery to look at his portfolio. I think that Alex and I might go with him for our photography but I want to see some of his recent work first. I've also set up an appointment to meet with Leslie at The Point. I have some questions to ask them and our table arrangements to go over. I'm wondering if they have anything as far as food for kids go. They're not going to eat all the food on a regular plate, most of the kids that will be there are little kids.
Hopefully, they will have something to offer.

I got an e-mail from Roxanne tonight, she is officially engaged. Her and Chris are getting married October 11th, almost a month before Alex and I. Alex isn't so happy about that but it's because he's a bit jealous. Oh well our turn will come soon enough. Less than 5 months now. WAHOO!!

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James and Cindy said...

I have gotten to the point were I don't plan lessons until the day before too. I really don't know where my time goes. I can't wait to see you tomorrow and for our trip. Love ya sis!!