Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are we done yet??

Alex and I officially moved to Spanish Fork this past Saturday. I thought I would FINALLY be out of clutter and done with boxes. I must have been fooling myself. Here it is Wednesday night and our room, complete disaster area. I seriously think we might need to Put CAUTION tape around the door. I am slowly getting to the unpacking but it seems to be taking forever. There is always something else coming up or a cute little baby that needs tending to. So my goal for tomorrow is to at least get my room in order. I at least need that. My sanity is riding on it. On the plus side, I finished cleaning the apartment today. It was such a bitter sweet moment leaving knowing that I would not be going back. It was "our" first apartment. It was the home that we brought our baby home to, it was the place where he had so many of his "firsts". It's where we learned to not sponge bathe our son close to our tooth brushes, he had incredible aim. He learned to roll over, he had his first Christmas, and so many more other memories we will have. As much as I wanted to leave I didn't expect the the feeling of sadness to take over for a minute. However, it is time to move on, move on to bigger and better things.

Speaking of bigger things. I found out today that my sister in law Kate is having TWINS!!! I'm totally stoked and hoping for at least one boy. Honestly, I feel kind of bad for her since she lives in Vegas and I know what's it's like carrying one baby inside, two must be hard! My brother better be good to her! She's due around Christmas but since they never let twins go full term they should be here before the 18th of December!! Why am I so excited?? Because we were already planning on being in Vegas for the 18th to do Erick's 1st birthday and now I'll be able to see my cute little jellybeans. That's what I'll call them for now. I can't call them peanuts because that's what we call my little man. My little jellybeans they'll be until the sexes are determined.

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James and Cindy said...

I like Jellybeans. That is what they will be! and I am hoping for two girls!!!!