Thursday, October 14, 2010

The little love of my life

How can you not love this adorable face? I can't belive how much time has flown by. I love my little man. He's 9 months old, has his own unique crawl, pulls himself up to everything, climbs stairs and is always on the go. He loves blueberries and peaches, his favorite fruits but will eat anything I put in front of him. he's in 12-18 month clothing and has finally made it into the "Average" section of the weight chart for his age. He has 2 bottom teeth, one that just cut on top, and another one trying to poke through. He's a little flirt and knows a cute girl when he sees one and will go as far as to turn his head and stare when we pass one in a store. He loves snuggling up to mom at night but moves all over the place when he sleeps. He's talking up a storm these days though I have no clue what he's saying other than the regular "mommommom" and "dadadada". I love that I can be here to see all of his firsts and look forward to all the fun times that lay ahead for us.

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