Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being a stay at home mom means.....

Being a stay at home mom means that you take care of the house and the people that dwell in the house. For me, the past month or so, that has included my grandfather. We currently live with my grandparents. It's an alright situation. The downstairs is ours and the kitchen we share. So my grandmother and I would take turns making dinner and cleaning the dishes. She kept the rest of the upstairs cleaned and I kept the downstairs clean. Well about a month ago, my grandmother was in a car accident down in Las Vegas. She unfortunately totaled the car, however no one else was injured, thank goodness. She sustained a compound fracture on her right ankle and had a gash in her head. After the surgery on her ankle, they told her she could not put pressure on it for 4-6 weeks. Well here we are at about that time frame and she still can't put pressure on it which means, she can't come home. The only way into the house is to go up stairs. So, for the past month and perhaps at least another month, my daily routine has included taking care of my grandfather and the upstairs. It doesn't sound like it would be too difficult but I have a difficult 18 month old and my grandpa can't do much. It can be a bit taxing. Tonight the comment came from my grandfather that I had no idea how much he missed his wife. While I can't imagine how much he misses her, he doesn't realize that I too miss her. He likes things a specific way and I don't necessarily always do them the way he wants/likes nor do I do things the way my grandma does. I think he has grown to have a new appreciation for my grandma since she does do everything for him. I don't purposely do things differently to make his life miserable but I'm not going to change how I do things to make his life easier. I have to do what works for me and my family. They come first.

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