Thursday, April 21, 2011

All I can do is pray

Have you ever had a close person to you hurt emotionally or physically? Have you ever had someone close to you struggle? I'm sure most of us have. The past few days I've witnessed someone close to me struggle with different aspects of their life. Since I am close to this person, I wish there was something that I could do and then I remember there is. I can pray. I can pray for everyone involved and that's all I can do. It doesn't help to sit and worry about what will happen. What happens is what happens. I know that my Father in Heaven is completely aware of all of our situations (whether you believe in him or not) and that when you pray for help and guidance for those you love and care about, answers and insight are given. I've seen it manifested time and time again. The power of prayer is amazing and what a blessing it is in my life to have. I think of the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Towards the beginning of the movie, it shows Julia Roberts character kneeling down to pray when she doesn't know what else to do. It seems as though it is a foreign concept to her and I love the simple prayer that she offers. Prayers don't have to be elaborate. Simple, thoughtful and from the heart is best, in my opinion. I sometimes forget that. My prayers lately have been just that. Simple, thoughtful and from the heart. When you want what is best for someone and you feel there is nothing you can do, pray.

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