Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Does anyone ever like big changes? My son seems to be exceptionally sensitive to change of any kind. From the time he was a baby he could sense different changes. When we moved from our apartment to my grandparents house, he struggled for a while. Well, the time has come for us to move again. Alex and I have decided to move back to Las Vegas. Our poor little man can tell things are changing. We have sent the majority of our stuff down to the house in Las Vegas already. Erick has been sleeping in a big bed and not his crib, the couches are gone, some of his toys are gone and he is freaking out a bit. I get frustrated at times because while these changes are occuring, he can be a bit of a nightmare. The sweet side of it is he does like to cuddle more. I am not a fan of the moving process myself. All the packing and unpacking, finding new places for things and readjusting to a new place. Well, in our case, an old place. We are moving into my parents home. It is where Alex and I lived before we got married and just after we were married. Currently my parents live in Carson City so my sister, her husband and two girls have been living there. We will all be living under one roof like one big happy family. It's a good thing for the most part, we all get along pretty well. There are definitely going to be big changes for their family as well as my little family moves in. Sometimes when the change can seem like a set-back, you have to stop and see the positive in it. For us, this change is helping us to continue on our journey to move forward in life. It will be nice to have my siblings close so that we can rely on one another for support through the many aspects of life. I love my family and I welcome the change that is taking place in our life.

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