Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drumroll please!

So the big news that I have (that I was going to tell you a couple of weeks ago) is that I am pregnant! Baby number two is due on June 19, 2012. I'm pretty excited and secretly, well not so secretly, hoping for a girl this time. I had my first appointment with my new doctor today. He did an ultra sound so I was able to briefly see the little tyke floating around in my tummy. My new doctor seems to be alright. I always hate trying to find new doctors, so far I've been lucky with all the doctors I have chosen through out my adulthood so I am hoping this one works out well. He did however tell me that they wouldn't induce me until I was 41 weeks. This is no bueno. I mean, it will just have to work but if I wait until I'm exactly 41 weeks, that would mean that this baby and Paige would have the same birthday. For many reasons, I don't want to have them to share birthdays. They each deserve their own special day and I think emotionally, I need them to have different birthdays. So, that means I need to work my magic and convince the doctor to let me go a little before 41 weeks or wait past the awful 41 week mark. Pregnant in Las Vegas at the end of June, not so much my cup of tea. Hopefully it will be a mild summer and not excruciatingly hot.

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Lacey said...

I read this a long time ago, but wanted to say congratulations!
Lilah was due June 21st, and born on the 16th. I love summer babies, I hate summer nursing.