Thursday, January 12, 2012


In my dream world, I am an amazing photographer. In my real life, my camera broke so I just have my phone camera that doesn't even have a flash. Broken camera + phone camera w/o a flash = not many pictures, let alone quality pictures. Today, while I was browsing the web and looking to see how to make my own printables, I read about a site called  I decided to check it out and well, I am in love. It's free to use quite a few features and if you want to upgrade, it's $2.08 a month. Totally reasonable!

My sweet boy, who is actually a holy terror of a two year old, was born three days before Christmas and therefore we just took a few pictures of him in our apartment on Christmas day for his newborn pictures. We were too poor at the time to do photo announcements and I always wished we had something for him to see when he got older. Which brings me to today, when I checked out picnik. I uploaded one of the photos we took of him when he was just three days old and started playing with it. This is what I ended up with.

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