Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This year it was Erick's first Easter. I figured with him being all of only 3 months old we wouldn't do anything special for him and I don't really regret it. I would have eaten all of the candy and he's not quite into playing with toys yet. Next year, I will definitely be all over the Easter thing and I'm really excited!

Alex and I went down to James and Cindy's place for Easter/Conference weekend. We got there Friday night and waited up for Trevor and Kate to get in. It was so nice to have all my siblings together, minus Paul. He was greatly missed! But what can you do when you're serving the Lord in Mexico!? Saturday Justin and Susan came down with baby Cooper and they guys all went paint balling. It seems to become a monthly thing. We go down and they paint ball then we have an awesome BBQ. Nothing like slow cooked ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, potatoes and of course it wouldn't be complete without rice for James. After a quick bite to eat on the guys end, they rushed off to the priesthood session of conference while the girls watched "The Blind Side". I'm still receiving grief for watching that without my husband. Good movie though. I think I will buy it. Oh and on a side note, I also just watched "All About Steve" and thought it was hilarious! I will also buy that movie. I love Sandra Bullock! Stupid Jesse James...

Ok, so back to Easter weekend. We've always had a tradition of making waffles the Sunday morning of Conference but since James isn't a huge fan Cindy decided to make baked oatmeal. I say she should have stuck with waffles because James didn't even eat the baked oatmeal! He ate the BBQ from the night before because he didn't get to enjoy it. However, the baked oatmeal was awesome as always. It's a nice twist on a breakfast dish. I was in charge of Easter lunch (since Kate and Trevor had to hit the road to go back to Vegas) and thus I missed most of the first session of conference Sunday morning. It paid off though. Lunch was good! We had twice baked potatoes, ham, oatmeal rolls and green beans. Cindy made a shortcake and I brought down strawberries for strawberry shortcake. What a perfect end to a great weekend.

I love when we all get together. There is nothing better than family. The first weekend in May is my niece, Emjae's birthday. Everyone will be back for that and I can't wait!

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