Thursday, April 22, 2010

Palisade Trip

My sister and brother in law live in Ephraim, UT. It's about 2 hours give or take from my husband and I but close to a nice state park. Alex, my husband, grew up fishing and LOVES it. He in turn got my brother in law James hooked (no pun intended). Last weekend Alex and I went down to visit Cindy, James, my 2 nieces and my brother Erik. James and Alex were going to go fishing at a place called 9 Mile and Cindy, myself and the kids were going to join them a little later. They called and asked us to bring a few things but also mentioned how bad the insects were. I wasn't about to take my 4 month old son out to get eaten alive. So Cindy and I decided it would be best if we stayed home, it was also a perfect excuse to work on our mad cake decorating skills. :) Well, as we're heading to drop off the stuff to the guys, they call again and tell us they're just going to go to Palisade. They were tired of the bugs and nothing was biting. So, Cindy and I, after a few hiccups, go with them and decide to rent a canoe. Erik had gone golfing that morning at Palisade so I called him to let him know we were all there and we had a canoe. It was a little comical because he said he wanted to go out in a canoe so bad. We spent the day out there and I burned but we had such a great time. It was such a beautiful day. I will truly miss my sister and her family when they move to Las Vegas in a couple of months.

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James and Cindy said...

Im going to miss you too!!