Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can't help but laugh...warning this is a little nasty

There are things in life that before I was married and before I became a mom I didn't think I would ever do. Hold poop in my hand would be one of those things. Let me elaborate. My son (who does not poop on a daily basis) decided to finally poop today. He hadn't gone since Monday so I knew that when he went, like always, there would be a good amount. I gave him some time to finish going and I thought he had so I decided I would change his diaper. I start cleaning him up and on about the 4th wipe (there was A LOT of poop) he started pooping again. I just held the wipe there to try and catch it since I had already moved the diaper from underneath him. When I think he has finished again, I start to wipe and he poops on the changing pad I have him on. So I pull the changing pad out from underneath him and what does he do!? That's right he starts pooping AGAIN!! So me, my first instinct for some reason is to catch it in my hand. So I sit there with my hand under his butt and catch his poop while in the mean time he starts peeing. Seriously dude!? With my other free hand I try blocking the pee so it does go all over the place. I couldn't help but laugh because seriously, what else do you do?

P.S. On an exercising note, I did my workout today completely uninterrupted!!! :)

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Janice & Don said...

Yippie!! You're a real mom now! I do stuff like that all the time. What's really bad is when it doesn't even phase you. Ian has a really bad gag reflex and throws up all the time. Instead of freaking out, I just stick my hand under and catch the throw up. It really grosses Don out, but it's much easier to wash my hands than change clothes or wipe it up with a napkin right? Oh, my.... that sounds really bad.