Saturday, February 27, 2010


Goals. Those funny little, sometimes big, things in life that require work, and dedication. Alex and I have set some goals for our little family. They are mostly for the 2 of us but they affect our growing family. When we got married, I had 2 credit cards. One has a very low balance and the other is maxed out but it was never an insane limit that I had. I also have a "school" loan that I have been working to pay off and that was all of my debt. My husband has a car payment and now we have hospital bills and dr bills from our little, not so little anymore, bundle of joy. With me being a stay at home mom, there is no way we could pay these all off and get ahead in life. It felt very depressing. Several days ago I felt impressed to ask my husband to consider moving down to Spanish Fork. The plan is we would move in with my grandma for x amount of months, work on paying things off, save up and then move back up to the Salt Lake area. Of course we had to sit down and create a plan before approaching my grandma. This past Monday we sat down mapped out our plans, our goals and today we approached Grandma and presented her with our plan.

As of June 1, we will be living in Spanish Fork for 6 months. Change is good....right? I feel blessed that my grandmother is willing to allow us to live with her while we take care of things and get on the path to achieving our goals. I also feel blessed to have a husband who is willing to get up earlier to make the nearly hour long drive to and from work every day to help us get ahead. I love you babe!

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