Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First off, note to self: Go to bed before 11!!! Erick went to bed fairly easy lastnight and even close to his bed time. Score!! I was playing online and before I know it, I look at the clock and it's 10:00 already. I see that my brother pops online and I haven't talked to him for awhile so we chatted a bit and I finally hit the sack around 11. The alarm for my husband goes off at 4:50, which comes way to fast when you go to bed so late. I laid in bed until a little after 5:00 then got up to pump since it makes working out much easier. I start the DVD and what happens??? OH that's right, my son wakes up. I don't mean he starts stirring, I go in the room and he is wide awake. Seriously!?!? My little man is trying to sabotage me, I swear! My workout was a little less interupted today since I brought him out to the couch and gave him a bottle. Day 2 down, lets hope tomorrow is better!

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Kassie Feinga said...

LOL.. seriously, sometimes it's hard to get the most simple things done! :) Baby is soooo handsome.. hope you guys are doing great. xoxo